February 02, 2007

The short-term roadmap for Verbosio currently looks like this:

  1. Implement XUL application pack (document-packs/xul-app)
  2. xeIDocumentPack needs a viewers property for pack viewers
  3. Viewers for:
    • application.ini
    • install.rdf
    • Directory structure
    • Chrome registry structure
  4. XUL markup language extension (markup-languages/xul):
    • components/xul-document.js
    • components/xul-language.js
    • content/xul.js (fileTypesRegistry)
    • content/preconditions/*.xml
    • content/viewers/*.xml
  5. Document wrapper, document pack error handling, interrupts and recovery:
    • An "OK" error state
    • Internal errors
    • User-interface errors (the user is never at fault if the UI says everything's okay)
    • Syntax errors (well-formedness not met when loading XML, for example)
  6. Language extensions for:
    • code-languages/javascript
    • code-languages/css
    • markup-languages/xbl
    • markup-languages/dtd
    • code-languages/licenses
  7. Fix data loss bug 16341.
  8. Fix other source handling issues:
    • Document types are mangled
    • Document's white-space formatting is not preserved, especially within tags
    • Entity declarations get replaced

The longer-term roadmap includes:

  1. Fleshing out the help system
  2. Implementing Verbosio's markup template system
  3. SVG, XUL, XBL, DTD, JS editors, XHTML editors
  4. An easter egg

The verbosio project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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