What's New
  • Verbosio Project Launched!
  • Verbosio "grab bag" opened

Verbosio: An Extensible XML Editor Architecture

Welcome to the Verbosio Project!

Verbosio is an architecture for XML language-specific editors to cooperate and edit XML documents in general. If you want to edit XUL in a XHTML editor, you're typically stuck unless that editor supports MathML editing as well. Verbosio aims to change that, by allowing specific editors to work together, and moving common tasks into the core architecture.

Please read this brief overview of Verbosio's intended goals.

Verbosio is being developed entirely as a chrome application with XPCOM components. Extensibility is a primary goal, as is the ability to run both as a XULRunner application and as a SeaMonkey 1.0 application. Verbosio development is primarily taking place with XULRunner for now.

For previews of Verbosio code, please check out our "grab bag". The complete application will not appear here for some time; the grab bag simply has useful pieces of code which Verbosio anticipates using.

The verbosio project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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